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Employee Technology Resources

For support with using instructional programs and software, please contact your Instructional Coach, the EdTech Coach, or your Curriculum Specialist:

EdTech Coach:

Secondary STEM Specialist:

Elementary STEM Specialist: 

Literacy Specialist: 

Parent and Student Technology Resources

Accessing tech support at schools

First Step

School Tech Specialist & Tech Staff @ Schools

  • Physical devices and set up. Includes printers, ChromeBooks, WIFI connections, resetting passwords for AD, Google and general access.

  • Program basics including Smartboards, Canvas, etc.

Additional timely support provided by the Tech staff assigned to your school:

Contact your school technology representative.

Second Step

  • Submit a trouble ticket here

If the issue cannot be resolved by the Tech Specialist, submit a trouble ticket which will be routed to the appropriate technician.

It is the goal that tickets are resolved within 24-48 hours.

Elementary Schools: 
If the tech specialist cannot help resolve the issue, please submit a trouble ticket so your local school technology representative can address the problem.

Third Step

IT Support Staff

  • In-Office Tech Support

Members of the Tech Department are available for in-person or phone consultation Monday-Friday 8am-5pm in the east District Office.
1957 West Royal Hunt Drive Suite #100

  • Please call the department prior to arriving: 425-868-4251

(Please do not email the tech staff directly. We want to track all support through the ticket system, except in the case of emergencies.)