Our Mission


Iron County School District supports families in developing college and career readiness by BUILDING knowledge, skills and relationships for ALL.


Empowering ALL to learn at high-levels through systematic district and school-wide support

ICSD Vision


College & Career Readiness

1. Students, Parents, School Staff and community members understand, respect and support each other’s roles and expectations.

2. Employees, Students and Parents are clear about what is expected of them and they are supported to meet those expectations.

3. Teachers, students and parents have real-time information regarding student progress toward learning outcomes and each take individual responsibility in a collaborative effort for student learning.

1. Students have career preparing opportunities and plan for their future.

2. All students graduate from high school prepared to be successful in college coursework and/or technical or trade school.

3. Students have the opportunity to graduate from high school with college credits and/or industry recognized certificates.

Skills and Knowledge


1. ICSD ranks at the top of districts in Utah for the percentage of students demonstrating proficiency in the State of Utah according to state assessments in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and CTE.

2. Grade reporting to students and parents is an accurate indication of what students really know and what they can do.

3. All students have access to high quality instruction and learning opportunities regardless of the school or class they may attend.

1. Learning in the home and the school compliment each other and results in resilience, positive relationships and purpose for each student.

2. Respect and kindness are evident in each school and classroom.

3. Students in need of extra help, hope, and support are noticed, encouraged, assisted and connected to available resources for themselves and their families.



We Value an Intentional Focus on Students Learning


We Value Passionate Engagement Leading to the Realization of the ICSD Mission


We Value Rigorous, High and Clear Expectations


We Value Collaboration and Teamwork Among All Stakeholders


We Value Respect, Kindness, Caring for Others and Compassion


We Value Transparency in our Communication, Actions and Decisions


1. Currently, 70% of teachers agree that they are adequately recognized for the work they do by school leadership, 63% by parents and 51% by the community. By May of 2024, at least 75% of teachers will agree that they are adequately recognized by school leadership, 70% by parents and 60% by the community for the work they do.

2. Currently, 35% (25/72) of school goals were met. By the end of the 2023-24 school year, 50% or more of the school goals will be achieved.

3. Currently, 50% (ELA), 41.4% (Math) and 51.6% (Science) of students are demonstrating proficiency according to State Assessments. At least 55% of ICSD students will demonstrate proficiency in ELA and Science and 50% in Math according to the Spring 2024 State Assessments Report.

4. Currently, 80% of parents and 74% of secondary students feel that students are safe in school. By May of 2024, 85% of parents and 80% of secondary students will indicate that they feel students are safe in school.

*Monitor communication. Ask a question in the 2024 survey about whether or not parents understand why schools are doing what they do. Set a goal next summer based on that data.

New Goals Adopted: Nov. 28, 2023

MTSS Framework

A dynamic multi-tiered system of supports. Featuring support for students through ongoing collaborations, such as classroom management, curriculum design, problem-solving teams, evidence-based instructional strategies, data-driven decision making, and professional development.

It takes into account where students are coming from, be they advanced learners, English-language learners, academic at-risk learners, and self-management learners.