Questions, Compliments, and Concerns

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The Board of Education recognizes that parents/guardians or community members may have suggestions and/or concerns that may arise in the operation of the District.

General concerns are best dealt with through communication with appropriate staff members, such as the faculty, the principals, the district office, the superintendent, and the Board. The Board of Education encourages resolution of concerns on an informal basis at the level closest to the problem. These procedures shall be fair to all parties and shall provide that solutions be rendered in a courteous, objective and timely manner.

If the concern is not resolved at the school level, an appeal can be made to the district level director and superintendent. They shall also provide for appeals up to and including the Board of Education whose decision shall be final. We encourage parents and community members to follow the following steps before submitting a concern to the district, superintendent or board.

  • Communicate concern or suggestion with the teacher or personnel involved with intent to find an agreeable solution. This can be done by phone conversation, a written letter, or a pre-arranged informal conference.

  • Arrange a formal or informal meeting with the assistant principal or principal and/or with the teacher or personnel present.

    Note: Any circumstance in which a parent, guardian, or other person upbraids, insults, or abuses a district employee on school property or in the presence of pupils shall be handled with appropriate legal action.

    The Superintendent and the Board will not act upon a concern originated by a parent/guardian or community member until the parent or community member filing the concern has sought its solution through the proper procedures. Anonymous concerns may not be addressed if there is not enough information given to resolve the complaint.

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