Register/Enroll/Transfer/Lottery Application

Preschool enrollment

Application must be made for preschool consideration.

Iron County Preschools application process

K-12 Enrollment

Enrollment is available online through the steps in the link below.

Enroll Online/Lottery Application/Student Transfer

Open Enrollment Declaration

Checklist Items

  • Student's birth certificate. 

  • Proof of Student's immunization or exemption paperwork. 

  • Completed Responsible Acceptable Use Policy for computer use in school. Responsible Use Policy can be found below.

  • Responsible Use Policy

  • Completed Safe Schools Policy - Signatures, Policy Code: JFB-E. Safe Schools Policy can be found below.

  • Safe Schools Policy

  • Transfer documents from previous school or address and phone number of previous school.

  • If needed, student IEP/504 paperwork or address and phone number of previous school. 

  • If needed, any medical forms required.

  • Medical Forms

  • If needed, by medical requirement, the Special Diet Request form.

  • Special Diet Request Form

  • Proof of address required for all schools.

  • Closed Schools will be listed in October. See school status here.

  • Any remaining information necessary to complete the registration form.

Iron Online Registration