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School LAND Trust

The School LAND Trust program brings tens of millions of dollars annually to academic programs in public schools across UTAH. The funds are generated from school trust lands. These funds are the only discretionary funds many schools receive.

Revenue generated from school trust lands by SITLA is deposited into the Permanent School Fund.

A separate entity, the School and Institutional Trust Fund Office, invests that Fund, which has a balance of more than $2 billion.

Annual interest and dividends are distributed annually by the School Children’s Trust Office of the Utah Office of Education, and each School Community Council determines the highest and best use of School LAND Trust Funds for their school. Programs range from purchasing computers and hiring teachers and classroom aides, to funding college preparatory, music, and reading programs.

Each public school in Utah elects a school community council consisting of parents, teachers, and the principal. All councils have a two parent member majority. Each council carefully reviews student assessments and progress to decide which academic areas they want to focus on. Plans are developed to improve student academic performance in the identified academic areas with the annual School LAND Trust funds. The plans are approved by the council and approved by the local school board.


School LAND Trust
Learning and Nurturing Development

Trust Lands Administration
Generating revenue from Utah’s Trust Lands for public schools, colleges, and hospitals.