Emergency Plan

The adoption of a Standard Response Protocol was established in Iron County School District in 2023 in compliance with Utah State Law R277-400. Specifically, the law requires districts to develop prevention, intervention, and response measures; and prepare staff and students to respond promptly and appropriately to school emergencies; and protect the health and safety of all students. The Standard Response Protocol created by the I Love U Guys Foundation is being adopted statewide.

We believe school staff, students, parents and community deserve a consistent approach to school safety and will continue to be proactive in our efforts. Parents should familiarize themselves with the terminology that will be used throughout the district for a variety of emergency situations. Staff members and students in each school and building in the district are being trained on the procedures.

Throughout the year, schools will continue to conduct drills to focus attention on the protocols with staff and students.

School safety is a concern across the United States. Law enforcement, school administrators and teachers, and the community need resources and proactive strategies for ensuring that school environments remain safe and secure.

The full ICSD Emergency Response Policy is being amended and can be accessed here once it is adopted by the Board of Education.

Standard Response Protocols introductory video