2021 Bond Projects

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Voters approved a $69.5 million bond in November of 2021.

The projects outlined in the bond proposal include these six projects: (Click on each to see the status of the project and projected completion)

  • Cedar Middle School will be expanded with new performing arts classrooms, science labs, and general classrooms. Additional rooms will be reclaimed for general and severe special education use.

  • Canyon View Middle School will be expanded with new performing arts classrooms, science labs and a remodel of the science wing, providing improved instructional facilities and additional classrooms for general use.

  • Cedar High School’s science wing will be remodeled to streamline the use of existing space for needed science classrooms, and to modernize aging science lab facilities.

  • The seventy-year-old East Elementary building will be replaced with a new building on the same property. In addition to foundation settling issues, the current building has antiquated HVAC, mechanical, and electrical systems that are inefficient, inaccessible, and often require rerouting and costly maintenance.

  • A new Shared/Multi-Use facility will be built between Parowan High School and Parowan Elementary to accommodate needed lunchroom, physical education, and extra-curricular space for Parowan High School and to provide improved physical education instruction space at Parowan Elementary.

  • A new District Transportation Facility will be constructed to improve bus security, and to increase capacity to maintain a growing number of school busses, fleet vehicles, and facilities maintenance equipment.

If conditions change, the funds may be used for any purpose listed on the ballot including: paying all or a portion of the costs to acquire land; acquiring, constructing, furnishing and equipping new school facilities; and improving or rebuilding existing facilities. Any change in the use of the bond funds must be approved by 4 out of 5 board members in a public meeting.

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