CTE Internship Student Eligibility/Responsibilities

Student Eligibility

  • Be at least 16 years of age (high school junior or senior)

  • Register for the CTE Internship course

Student Responsibilities

  • Attend work site according to Internship Agreement

  • Notify employer and supervising teacher prior to any absence

  • Maintain satisfactory high school grades

  • Report concerns to supervising teacher AND employer

  • Use transportation approved and/or provided by parent

  • Dress appropriately for the work site, including safety clothing and equipment when appropriate

  • Demonstrate honesty, punctuality, cooperation, and willingness to learn

  • Conform to rules, regulations, and safety standards of work site

  • Maintain confidentiality at the work site

  • Complete required assignments and time sheets

Required Documents

CTE Internship teachers will provide the required documents.