Teacher Support Team

Please contact us via email for support and help.

For Teachers:

  • Planning a lesson, unit, or assessment

  • Analyze and use data to improve engagement

  • Set up procedures and expectations

  • Build a collaborative classroom culture

  • Use mathematical, science, and engineering practices in the classroom

  • General instructional strategies

For Teams:

  • Plan a lesson, unit, or assessment

  • Plan for tier 2 instruction

  • Create or use a curriculum map

  • Analyze and use data to guide instruction

  • Refine collaboration techniques

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Becca Esplin – EdTech Coach


  • Canvas

  • MasteryConnect

  • NearPod

  • WebX

  • Clever

  • Coding

  • Tech Coaching

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Kyle Johnson – Secondary STEM Coordinator


  • PowerSchool

  • Standards Based Grading

  • Secondary STEM

  • Secondary SEEd

  • Secondary Math

  • Rise Aspire

  • ACT

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Cory Henwood – Digital Teaching and Learning Coordinator


  • Essential 8 Skills

  • Design Thinking

  • Competency Based Education

  • Blended Learning

  • MasteryConnect

  • Online Learning Coordinator

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Sara McAffee – Elementary STEM Coordinator


  • Elementary Math (GoMath, Think Central, IReady

  • Elementary SEEd (Mystery Science)

  • Elementary STEM

  • Elementary RISE

  • Elementary Academically Gifted

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Ashley Peterson – Elementary Literacy and Title I Coordinator


  • Elementary Literacy (CKLA)

  • Tier 1 Literacy instruction

  • Aspire

  • Acadience Reading

Technology Coach – Coming Soon

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Janette Stubbs – Professional Development Coordination