Mitt Romney visits High School students
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Posted On: 07 Sep, 2018

On Sept 7th, Governor Mitt Romney, former presidential candidate and current candidate for the Senate seat vacated this year by Orrin Hatch, came to visit the high school students of Iron County. The event was held at Cedar High School with seniors and juniors in government classes as well as student body government officials in attendance. Dr. Shannon Dulaney introduced Gov. Romney to the crowd where he spoke of the virtues of America, its free market economy, and the benefits of her democratic republic. He answered questions from students including a few that couldn't be resisted by students such as, "What do you think of Donald Trump?" Mitt got his biggest laugh with his response, "Well, he did something I couldn' the election!" He continued to outline the President's successes as well as stating he didn't always agree with what he has said or tweeted. He warned the social media-immersed millennial crowd that twitter can be fun, but also regrettable, and to "ignore the idiots" on social media. This led to his answering the most sincere of questions of students such as, "What do you think of Utah's high teen suicide rate and how we could prevent it in the future?" Romney referenced efforts of the state of Utah, including the Safe Utah app, which allows students to report when they are concerned for a friend. Finally, to end his speech, Romney listed the many reasons why America is great, but concluded with the reason why it is truly great is that America is good and that goodness is what sets America apart as a truly great nation. The Governor finished the event by taking pictures with countless individuals and groups of students. We thank Mitt Romney for taking the time to come to visit the students of Iron County, answer their questions, and inspire them.