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Posted On: 24 Jun, 2020

Dear Friends,

I appreciate the positive comments and productive questions that have come to me since last week’s update posting. These comments and questions help our district team as we continue to move forward with our planning for fall’s reopening. Now that the Utah State Board of Education has drafted school reopening guidance, requirements and recommendations, our district team has refined our timeline  and organized stakeholder focus groups to sift through this guidance and begin to put our ICSD Reopening Plan together. As I mentioned in my previous update, we have put together stakeholders from our community to serve on these focus groups that will inform the content and context of our plan. I so appreciate the positive response that I received from every person who has been asked to serve: what a wonderful testament to the great community in which we live! I am grateful to be counted among you. To help inform these focus groups, we will be sending out a parent survey this week that is simple in nature, but will give us an idea of how parents are feeling about sending their children back to school. Respondents to the survey will be asked to fill out a survey for each child in their home and indicate their grade, school, and their preferred choice for instruction. These choices are:

1.     My student will attend school full-time for in-person instruction.

2.     My student will attend school, but I would like a blended learning experience (part-time in-person instruction and part-time online instruction), if provided.

3.     My student will not attend school, but would participate in online instruction, if provided.

4.     I plan to homeschool my student until I feel comfortable that the COVID-19 threat has passed.

Please complete this three-question survey as soon as possible, so the results can be shared with our Reopening Task Force and individual focus groups to inform their work. Another survey will be sent to faculty and staff in the near future to gauge their thoughts and feelings in regards to reopening. Our community can access all of the documents that ICSD is using to guide our work on our website . As our focus groups and task force produce information, we will add this to the link. I will also post a weekly update every Wednesday. As always, feel free to reach out to me and our district team through email if you have suggestions to help inform this important work. Please take care, be safe, stay healthy and remember that there is much we CAN do as we continue to serve the remarkable students in Iron County. Most Sincerely, Shannon