It's not a game. You could die. Kids just like you. You can say No. 10 minutes can be to late. Multiple Injuries Possible. Telling is not tattling. Save Lives Spread the word!
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Posted On: 11 Sep, 2017

This week our health teachers were trained on updates to our Choking Game Education materials. Our district has been the first in the country to implement choking game education as part of our school's health curriculum covering the biological effects on the body and how to say no to peer pressure. Judy Rogg, whose son lost his life to the tragic choking game, channeled her grief into something positive by partnering with licensed marriage and family therapist and trauma specialist, Stephanie Small. Together they helped create the curriculum that teachers in Iron County have been using to try and keep kids from playing the dangerous "game". Over these past years since implementation, Iron County teachers have helped the curriculum evolve into a much more engaging and data driven program. Our teachers have repeatedly applauded the team at for creating tools that are ready to deliver to students and address such a delicate issue in a way that is neither graphic or morbid, but gives students the skills to be smart about their decisions, navigate peer pressure situations, and talk openly to their parents. Since implementation no students who have received this training have been seriously injured or died playing the choking game. See this KSL video for more information about beginnings of this program in Iron County.