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Posted On: 30 Aug, 2017

I am grateful for the opportunities that each of us will have to learn together as we begin a new school year. I recognize the collective talents and the collective commitments that will operate in concert this year and in years to come as we ensure our students experience high-levels of learning: academically, socially and emotionally.

The education profession is certainly one that requires a mindset of growth and change for improvement: whether we are educators, support staff, parents, or the community-at-large working together with school personnel. This requirement can be all at once exciting and challenging. As our District's theme for the year “Committed to Learning for All” suggests, it is our responsibility to work collaboratively to ensure high-levels of learning for all students as well as ourselves, and it will take a collective commitment to that learning at all levels of our system: classroom, school-wide, district-wide and community-wide to make this learning a reality. We, our district team (including food services, maintenance, custodial and transportation), are ready for this challenge, and I know that each of you are ready as well.

Thank you to our school Building Leadership Teams and administrators for your work in putting together, in printed form, your schools’ collective commitments. These commitments, will be displayed in each of our schools and will be reviewed often by the school community. We truly are and should be, working together collectively for our kids and for each other. I know that this physical representation of our commitments will hang on the walls of your buildings, but more importantly, they will drive our professional actions in the coming years as we do whatever it takes to help all of our students achieve at high levels. Thank you for the part that each of you play in accomplishing this critical work!