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Posted On: 17 Sep, 2019

Members of the Cedar City Rotary Club met on Tuesday, September 17, to participate in their annual "Dictionary Service Project."  The project consists of ordering dictionaries for each student in each 3rd Grade class in Iron, Garfield, and Beaver Counties.  This year approximately 11,000 dictionaries were ordered, including 62 Spanish and 44 Chinese dictionaries for our Dual Immersion programs.

The dictionaries were previously separated by school and class, and labels were printed for each dictionary.  In their lunch meeting on September 17, Rotarians put a label inside the cover of each dictionary.  The labels include the Rotary Four-way Test (Is it Truth?, Is it Fair to all concerned?, Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?, and Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?) and a line for each student to sign his/her name. Rotarians will personally present the dictionaries to each 3rd Grade class over the next couple of weeks.

Each year the 3rd grade students send colorful thank you notes to Rotary members thanking them for the dictionaries and explaining their new favorite words. THANK YOU ROTARY for your service to the 3rd Grade students of the Iron County School District.