Reaching Higher: Creating a Better Tomorrow for ALL


Empowering ALL to learn at high-levels through systematic district and school-wide support.

School Improvement Framework

<p>Multitiered-systems-of-supports foundation. Support for students through ongoing collaboration. Classroom management, evidence-based istructional strategies, curriculum design, data-driven decisionmaking, problem-solving teams, professional development. Top, Self-management learners. Right, Advanced Learners. Bottom, English-language Learners. Left, Academic At-Risk Learners. Tier One, all. Tier Two, some. Tier Three, few.</p>

Collective Commitments

  1. We will actively promote and support the District’s mission, vision, values and goals.

  2. We will contribute to the success and productivity of high-functioning professional learning communities at every level of the district system.

  3. We will hold high standards and expectations for student and educator success through self-reflection and collective inquiry regarding best practices.

  4. We will focus our efforts on student and educator learning to promote and realize increased student achievement as identified in the six foundational components of the above school improvement framework.

  5. We will commit to a high level of mutual support and trust among all members of the learning community at all levels of the district system.

  6. We will manage the district’s resources in a manner that addresses the needs of the community, establishes community partnerships, and builds community support.

  7. We will recognize and celebrate the individual and collective efforts and achievements of the Iron County School District community.

District Goals: Committed to Learning for ALL

Professionalism and Collaboration

Collaboration within our district MTSS Framework

  • Continue to Increase the functionality of PLCs within our district MTSS Framework and Strategic Plan

S.M.A.R.T Goal:
All professional learning teams and building leadership teams will continue to increase their level of functionality by a minimum of 10% over the course of the school year as measured by Mastery Connect team data.

Anecdotal and observation data can also be considered in determining increased functionality, as well as the ICSD Principal Partnership Tool

Student Achievement and Social Emotional Learning

Academics within our district MTSS Framework

  • Increase student mathematics, literacy and science achievement in grades K-12

S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

  1. We will increase the percentage of student growth in mathematics, literacy and science proficiency by 5% as measured by common formative assessments grades preK-12. Data will be collected using the RISE assessment for grades 3-8, Utah Aspire Plus for grades 9-10, and ACT for 11th grade.

  2. We will increase the integration of Iron’s Essential Eight Skills in all core content areas prek-12. Evidence of integration will be collected and reported through Mastery Connect.

  • Social Emotional Learning within our District MTSS Framework and Strategic Plan

    • Increase student social emotional learning capabilities in grades preK-12

S.M.A.R.T. Goal:

  1. Each school will receive at least an 80% implementation score on their post School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) score for the 2019/2020 school year.
Educator Effectiveness

Commitment to professional learning within our district MTSS framework and Strategic Plan

  • Increase the use and effectiveness of evidence based instructional and positive behavior support strategies district- and school-wide.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

  1. We will continue to increase the level of expertise and preparation for all those who monitor educator effectiveness during the 2019-2020 school year by providing monthly instruction for our certified instructional leaders targeted at strengthening relationships and promoting and supporting a positive school data-driven culture.

    • Mastery Connect Team Effectiveness Rubric

    • The ICSD Principal Partnership Tool and Quarterly Coaching

    • Anecdotal Evidence

    • Administrator Year-end Reflections

    • Utah Educational Leadership Standards

  2. We will increase the level of student cognitive engagement and responsibility for learning in all classrooms by at least 10% as a result of each school choosing a high leverage, evidence-based instructional strategy on which to focus for the 2019-2020 school year. This will be measured using the Mastery Connect Educator Effectiveness Rubric.

Task: Begin Standards-Based Grading Pilot Process. Review and evaluate timeline for district-wide implementation.