Apple Product Instruction Overview

Warning You will need to be at a School or at the District Office to be able access the files needed for these instructions.

To install the network certificates for Apple products you will need to first identify which Apple device you will be using.

If your device is a desktop or laptop then you are using Mac OS. If you are using any browser other than FireFox you will need to follow the instructions under the header Mac OS instructions for Safari and Chrome.

Else, if you are using FireFox, follow the instructions under the header Mac OS instructions for FireFox

If your device is an iPhone or iPad follow the instruction under the Heading iPhone and iPad instructions.

Mac OS instructions for Safari and Chrome

Download this file: Certificate

In your download folder find the .zip file named "" and double click to unpack. A new file will appear named "ICSD_Cert_Installer_2018-19".

Right Click or Control Click on "ICSD_Cert_Installer_2018-19" to get the popup menu. Click Open.

If a warning pops up, click "Open". You will be prompted to verify your authority to make change changes to the system. Type in your password and click "OK"

You know have access to the District Network.

Mac OS instructions for FireFox

Open these instructions in FIreFox. Using FireFox you will be required to click two links. Click the first link. A pop up will appear. Check the 3 unchecked boxes and click ok.

Repeat this for the second link.

Link: Certificate 1

Link: Certificate 2

iPhone and iPad instructions

Using Safari on your device, tap this link: Certificate (Allow this)

Open Settings>General>Profile and tap on the sss_decrypt certificate. Tap on Install (type in your phone passcode to allow)

Tap Install again if it says "The authenticity cannot be verified". A green check mark will show in the window.

Open Settings>General>About>Certificate Trust Settings. Tap on the button on the right side to of the sss_decrypt to activate and trust the certificate.

Repeat for the Internet Portal certificate (for high schools and middle schools only): Internet Portal Certificate